Matthew 13:1-23 Gospel Reading


This is my first post on the Readings and it is disorganized.  I just wanted to have something up here so things wouldn't look so empty.  Thanks for reading.  And please add your comments.  Can't wait to see what you all have to share!

Just a little note about this reading.  My thoughts show what a baby child in Christ I still am.  Also, there is proof that I continue to learn about the Word!!

I always felt disheartened after hearing this Scripture read.   I always thought I was the seed and had no control of where I'd been scattered.  What joy I felt on the day it struck me that I am the soil and THE WORD is the seed.  I can cultivate myself to become rich soil, even if I started out as rocky ground.  

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for continuing to work in my heart to show me what I need to know.  I'm praying now for a more radical mind shattering Bible Study and if You will just lead the way I will go!!!

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