I ordered a case of Publix Seltzer water a couple of weeks ago and was MORE than happy to pay 79¢ per 2-liter for them because they are wonderful and waaaaay cheaper than the Perrier and La Croix, which I heart.  Then I started looking at my coupons and seeing some overages, so my goal became getting my Seltzers for free.  So when they called me this weekend to let me know my case was waiting for me I was ready for a deal!!  It wasn't a big ticket trip, my goal really was to get out of there close to free with my sodas.

For starters they were on sale this week for 50¢ each, so that was a great start.  Then I had a coupon for a Febreze Scented Oil Warmer that gave me a 50¢ overage.  Sundown Vitamins were on sale and when I stacked a manufacturer coupon and store coupon I had a $5 overage!!!!  I've heard that Publix will give you your overage, but I don't think that mine in Vestavia will do that, so I made sure to get enough to cover my overage.  My goal was free, but 57¢ is pretty darned close for what I got.  Especially since I was more than prepared to spend $6.32 for my seltzers only!

Here goes:

8 2-liter Publix Raspberry Seltzers

2 6oz.+ Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups

2 100 count Sundown Vitamin D 400IU

2 1oz. Trial size Flavored Craisins, blueberry and pomegranate-- yummy!!

1 Febreze Scented Oil Warmer

Like I said, not a big trip but all of this for 57¢ is pretty darned good!!

Total 21.44

Savings 20.87

Total Spent .57

Saved 97%

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