I'd like to point out that many, but not all, of these items fit into a healthier lifestyle.  Most items, not including the Red Velvet Bingles, also will work if you are counting Points! 

 1 A1 Mesquite Steak Sauce (I eat it on my veggie burgers) 
 1 Airwick scented oil refills, 2 pk 
 3 Amy's Kitchen Cheese Pizza Pocket 
 4 Amy's Kitchen Light & Lean Dinners 
 5 Amy's kitchen Spinach Pocket 
 1 lb. Bananas
 1 can Black Olives
 1 BlueBird red velvet Bingles, single pack 
 1 Borden American Singles 
 1 Borden Fat Free Singles 
 3 Dove Invisible Solid deodorant 
 1 French's Mustard 
 1 Fresh Express bagged spinach 
 2 Glad Drawstring garbage bags 
 1 Grape tomatoes, 1 pint 
 1 Honest Kids Apple Juice Boxes 
 2 Honest Kids Berry Lemonade Boxes 
 3 Honest Kids Grape Juice Boxes 
 2 Packs of Kotex 
 1 Kraft Mozzarella Cheese 
 1 Kraft Triple Cheddar Cheese 
 2 LaCroix Grapefruit sparkling water, 12 pk 
 1 Mt. Olive Bread and Butter pickles 
 1 Original Silk soy “milk” 
 1 Pompeiian Pure Olive Oil 
 1 Pulbix bagged spinach 
 1 Red Ruby Potatoes, 1 bag 
 1 Red seedles grapes, 1.75 lb. 
 1 box Saltines 
 2 rolls Scott Long Lasting Paper Towels 
 2 Stouffer's Cheese Lasagna 
 1 White Kernel popcorn 

 Total Bill: $171.16 
 Percentage saved: 66.1% 
 Total amont saved: $113.14 
 Total Spent: $58.02