Thomas Bagel Thins
Mott's Medley 46 oz.
NearEast Taboule mixes
NearEast Couscous mixes 
Whole Grain Cheez-its
Back to Nature Granola
Arnold Sandwich Thins
Ears Corn
Plum tomatoes
Pint blueberries
Tollhouse refrigerated cookie dough
Breakstone Cottage cheese
Boxes of Boca Burgers
Boxes of Ewards Singles Dessert two packs
Olay Total Effects Body wash
Ivory Body Wash
Press on toe nails (for Halloweenie)

$93.07 total for groceries
$31.97 out of pocket
$61.01 savings

My starting point is always Southern Savers.  Check out her site.  You'll get a lot of great ideas and great deals!

6/17/2010 02:08:29 am

I could have gotten another ear of corn for the same price AND saved another dollar on blueberries if I had waited for this week's ad. Also, I didn't have a coupon on the Thomas Bagel Thins, even though they were on sale. I probably didn't spend the rock bottom price on those, but I wanted them, so hey, whatevs. Also, MOST items are WW Point friendly-- except the Edward's Singles, but I got those for company. ;) Overall a good trip for such a small ad.

6/18/2010 02:39:59 pm

Wow! You did great! I LOVE Bocca Burgers (especially when you get them on a great deal)! Would love for you to link up your successful shopping on my site! :)


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