Do you make New Year's resolutions? Do you keep them? Do you have any for 2010?

I started a tradtion a few years ago to make Birthday resolutions instead of New Year's. It works well for me because my birthday is in February, so it's still kinda close to the new year. Actually it is probaby really close to the time that a lot of folks start falling off of the New Year wagon.

I decided to make Birthday resolutions for a few reasons. First, it seemed to me that birthdays are a really great time to be presented with a "clean slate." Birthdays can represent so much to us, sometimes we view it as a sad thing... the passing of youth and/or the introduction to creaky bones. But I think birthdays are to be celebrated, no matter what. Birthdays should be confetti and noise makers proclaiming that we've made it this far and we're not giving up now!

Also, though, I was always so slammed in the months leading up to New Year's day that I didn't have a moment to sit and reflect on what I really wanted to change in the new year. If I did make a resolution on New Year's it was the generic lose 20 pounds or get more organized kind of thing. Quick and no real thought put into it-- and certainly not prayer! So, I said I'll make a birthday resolution. I have time to think about it during the "down time" that I used to have after the holiday season was packed up and sold.

I like to think of the 47 days that I have from New Year's until my birthday as prep time. Kind of like cleaning the house before the maid comes over or flossing before a dentist appointment. I have time to sort of work on my resolutions before I announce them to the world... or my closest friends.

So, I have some that I am working on. I have some that I am praying on. And they will make sneak peak appearances between now and the big day in February. I'll share when I think they are ripe.

Until then, though, are you working on any? Praying on any? What is twenty-ten shaping up to be for you? I can't wait to see what you have to say!
let's see if i can remember how i made it.

in a large pot bring to boil two cups of vegetable broth and four cups of water.  cover.

in saute pan heat about a cup total of onions, red and green peppers and parsley. 

dice a sweet potato and a regular potato (about a cup of each.)

after onion mixture starts heating up add a tablespoon of olive oil, then add the diced sweet potatoes to the saute pan.

when water comes to a boil add regular diced potatoes and a little salt to taste.  cover.

add lentils and split peas to saute pan, i'd say no more than a cup... closer to a half.  stir so nothing sticks.  when water and regular potatoes come back to a boil in the other pot add the mixture in the saute pan to them.  cover and simmer on low for 50 minutes.

after 50 minutes add in any seasoning you like.  i used salt and pepper, ancho chili pepper powder, minced garlic and a few other spices.  add in a half can of black eyed peas after rinsing them.  add a half box of frozen spinach or other favorite green.  bring to a boil then reduce the heat to low and simmer for another 10 minutes.  stir to break up the greens.

will be thick like stew.  yummy.  serve with a good hunk of bread.  i chose a rye.  also served some bread and butter pickles on the side.

(this is my regular lentil stew recipe, altered for new year's!)

happy new year stew!  happy new year to you!
starbucks has via.  nescafe has something.  taster's choice has something.  they all say it's coffee.  you can't tell the diff.  it tastes great for the coffee drinker on the run.

oh so wrong.  oh.  so.  wrong.  the problem with these coffee flavored water drinks is the taste.  and isn't that the most important thing?  if i just wanted a jolt of caffeine i could pop a no-doz or a mountain dew.  i want the taste.  the body.  the warmth.  the poetry of the coffee. 

these little packets of coffee looking stuff just don't have the substance.  real coffee has substance.  and layers.  like wine and perfume there are notes in a good cuppa that are to be enjoyed and explored.  savored.  these packets have such a flat taste.  they almost get there... but no.

i got a free sample of the taster's choice to try.  with anticipation i made my first cup and was so very disappointed.  i am going to brave this dark and 40° day to hit the starbucks if only to wash this taste out of my mouth.

i think that these packets may serve their remaining time as a flavor boost for instant hot cocoa packets.  i gave them a try.  now i'm headed back for the real thing.

that's the problem with these new instant coffees.

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