starbucks has via.  nescafe has something.  taster's choice has something.  they all say it's coffee.  you can't tell the diff.  it tastes great for the coffee drinker on the run.

oh so wrong.  oh.  so.  wrong.  the problem with these coffee flavored water drinks is the taste.  and isn't that the most important thing?  if i just wanted a jolt of caffeine i could pop a no-doz or a mountain dew.  i want the taste.  the body.  the warmth.  the poetry of the coffee. 

these little packets of coffee looking stuff just don't have the substance.  real coffee has substance.  and layers.  like wine and perfume there are notes in a good cuppa that are to be enjoyed and explored.  savored.  these packets have such a flat taste.  they almost get there... but no.

i got a free sample of the taster's choice to try.  with anticipation i made my first cup and was so very disappointed.  i am going to brave this dark and 40° day to hit the starbucks if only to wash this taste out of my mouth.

i think that these packets may serve their remaining time as a flavor boost for instant hot cocoa packets.  i gave them a try.  now i'm headed back for the real thing.

that's the problem with these new instant coffees.

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