the result can be
a loser who can't
tell the difference between

a hug and a threat
a promise and a bribe
a relationship and a hostage situation
dry it up
how I cringe when I think of those words
he's in the front seat
i'm sobbing in the back
d r y   i t   u p

if only i could
if only that would fix everything
if i could dry it up
i would
little pink mini-tab
half a hit
and sleep washes over me
benedryl induced slumber
is all i get these days
and midnight is
way too late
if i think i'm really gonna
make it
in the sunshine

speaking of...

darker mornings
make for longer naps
and fighting dreams
bells and whistles
and cuckoo clocks
to justify




ever been there?
yep. been there.
you lied.
there was no where
you could have been
there was no where
you could have gotten it

machines twirl
bells whistle
patrons shriek

why lie?