it turns out that ignoring the mosters in the closet and under the bed does not work.  i've always just ignored them.  more like, i pretended they weren't there.  jump from the edge of the rug to the bed... out of arms' reach.  leave the door cracked so the monster could sneak out with no threat of "waking" me with the sound of the door latch.  close my eyes tight and pretend there is no one there.  there are no monsters in the closet.

turns out ignoring the monster doesn't make it go away.  instead he just gets cozy and stays.


if i let him.

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    throws metal with mittens on in the dead of winter listening to the cold as it echoes down the streets and into her bones.  consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, navigating these streets and figuring out this GPS, and trying real hard to reach Sainthood.  failing miserably every day.  trying again every tomorrow.


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